Success is an ethereal concept, never the same for two people and never easily reachable. It’s a concept like a sand bank, continually shifting with changing tides.

As we set out in a business career we have an idea of what we want to achieve, we think we know what success is, but as we begin to achieve our goals we begin to realise and visualise bigger things. What we thought was success is just a stepping-stone to greater achievements.

Is there a magic formula? Why do some have it but not others? Can it be acquired by anyone?

There is a formula and it’s not magic. And yes, it can be acquired by anyone. We just have to understand what to do to ensure we succeed.

We need a vision. No achievement is possible without first having a vision. What does success look like? Where will I be living? What will I be driving? Where will I be vacationing? Where will my kids go to school when I am “successful”?

With a vision, we can set our goals and break them down to daily tasks. Now we know what
we have to do each day. All we have to do is have the discipline to do what needs to be done each day. Easier said than done.

Goals, activity, and discipline – the formula for success.

In this little book, Venka, one of Singapore’s most successful financial advisors and leader in the field of risk management,lays out his formula for achieving success.

If you put into practice the advice he gives, you too will be able to count yourself a success.

Past President Million Dollar Round Table,
Past President Life Insurance Association of UK,
speaker & author



“A hungry stomach, an empty wallet and a broken heart teaches you the most valuable lessons in life.”

If you observe people who are successful, you will notice that all of them have some things in common. I have made it my life’s work to identify these things. I have placed myself before many successful people, going deep into their personal stories, their life stories and uncovering the roots of their success.

Have you wondered how five children from the same family, who received the same upbringing, and went through the same life circumstances, can turn out so differently in life? Why only one or two of them becomes successful, and the rest don’t. Why is it in some cases one twin can be so much more successful than his or her identical twin. We have seen this in many families and situations with the same environment. Similar genes, different results.

I found that successful people come in all shapes and sizes. There are tall successful people and short successful people. There are academically smart people and school dropouts who become successful. There are successful people that come from rich backgrounds and poor families.

In this book, you will discover what makes a person successful. You will learn how to harness their secrets and apply them to your own life, so that you too, may become successful. You will learn how to optimise all parts of your life – your ship – so that you may overcome the storms of life and sail towards success.

Excerpt from Kalven’s latest book ANCHORING SUCCESS